Know how to close the 6-prong three-phase electric motor

The electric motor that has six terminals or in the popular way known as electric 6-prong motor is an electric AC motor because it is a most popular electric machine in the industrial application as it is an excellent converter of electrical energy in mechanical energy.

The emergence of this electric motor took place in the hands of Nicola Tesla and the technological advance allows us to have today’s electric motor to be applied and industrial follow-ups.

Based on this principle, the three-phase induction electric motor on the winding closure types of the six-conductor three-phase electric motor with six-prong motor. It is necessary that the electric motor provides the option of six terminals to allow power through two different levels, for example 220V and 380v. Therefore, these two types of closure for this type of electric motor are: closing in triangle and closing in star.

In the vast majority, the electric motor has six cable ends in its junction box. The closing of this electric motor is done in a triangle and provides the closure at the lowest voltage that it is able to withstand.

8 advantages of a car with an electric motor compared to a car with a piston engine

An electric motor is an equipment that has an efficiency and for that reason, its efficiency can easily exceed the mark of 90%. Compared to the electric motor, the piston motor has much to be desired, as its efficiency does not exceed 35%.

The electric motor has a simpler constitution as it has much less moving parts and so the electric motor is a more reliable device and has lower maintenance cost.

The electric motor has as differential a high torque in its starting when it is in low revolutions and for that reason an electric car does not need to have the gear box or also called exchange and this makes the car is cheaper and reliable.

The electric motor features a regenerative braking system because it can also act as an electric generator and because of this, most of the kinetic energy of the car in the brakes is transformed into electrical energy that is stored in the batteries.

If compared to the piston engine, the electric motor has a faster start and when stopped in traffic the electric motor shuts off and when stepping on the accelerator the electric motor turns on almost instantaneously.

The electric motor is lighter, reaches a higher rotation than the combustion engine and vibrates and makes less noise.