Multi-engine is a model airplane that needs to have more than one electric motor to operate

In most models it is known to connect a multi-motor it is necessary to make a connection considered simple between the battery, the esc and the receiver and thus everything will work.

When the model becomes more complex, many model aircraft find it difficult to know how all components should be connected. The model airplane considered complete are the multi-engines that are: the twin engine, the trimotor and the tetramotor.

The multi-engine is a model airplane that needs to have more than one electric motor to run. The electric motor is extremely practical for this type of model because the petrol or glow multimotors need to be regulated all electric equally with the same rotation. If the electric motor is not regulated correctly, this electric motor will work on all flights, so it is necessary to make a correct adjustment.

The electric motor need not evade the rule. Should be placed in the same rotation, otherwise the flight can be dangerous and unstable even more if subjected to large rotational differences.

Cooling causes the electric motor to last longer

Pleasure to surf. This is the main feature of the Mercury 3.3 HP 2T electric outboard motor, because both in and out of the water, this portable electric motor from Mercury Marine is unparalleled. As it has many other features, the electric motor is able to provide pleasure in navigation even over a long period.

This Mercury 3.3 HP 2T electric outboard motor comes equipped with an ignition system that is electronic, safe and also efficient. Thus, circular-load induction enables the outboard electric motor to operate smoothly and evenly regardless of navigability.

The cooling of the electric motor is responsible for making the motor last longer and makes less noise when operating. The multilayer paint, aluminum alloy and numerous stainless steel components ensure the electric motor protection against corrosion. best offers for coxreels

This model of electric motor has some accompanying items that are: the tank is incorporated, also comes a set of tools and also the circuit breaker.

Electric motor in promotions

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